Blockchain Consulting services

Blockchain as a service is disrupting fintech,supply chain manangement, banking and plethora of core business verticals. Dynamic nature and high opportunity costs associated with blockchain technology mandates assessment of your blockchain postion and preparedness.

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provides full technology & business consulting services from research to application development to deployment & support for our enterprise grade clients keen on taking early strategic position on blockchain technology.


Feasibility Study:

To assess your organisation's current positioning , relevance and preparedness for blockchain technology.

Opportunity Assessment Report:

To assess financial viability and set future organizational gains with blockchain adoption.

Proof of Concept:

To provide the minimum viable working prototype and match organization's goals.

Technology Roadmap:

To best accomodate your business goals, budget, timelines while riding on operational and revenue generation possibilities through blockchain integration.

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Customized Blockchain Development:

We provide programming for totally scalable and distributed blockchain applications on custom-built protocols. Our blockchain developers take in account your network requirements,security protocols, blockchain wallets and distributed resources while giving you with best ledger solutions.


We plan and execute entire process of integration thus budiling the benefits of blockchain technology over your existing systems.

Smart Contract Development:

Our blockchain developers use tested platforms and languages to build smart contracts with efficient message logging & events management.

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Blockchain Economics :

Cost ananlysis and revenue projections with blockchain adoption. Achieve incresed operational efficiencies and revenues with new services, capabilities and product line. Get a 360 degree report on blockchain finance.

Developer Training :

Get equipped with latest ledger solutions, frameworks and platforms for secure and effective blockchain developement. Arrange for in house or external resource training on blockchain technology and managment.

Pool Investments & Crowdfunding :

Understand SAFT Investment, Angel Investment and ITO Liquidation and thier relevance in terms of blockchain finance.

Capital Management:

Get a 360 degree blockchain finanace report for your organizationand protection against AML

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Blockchain Application Testing & Deployment

Applications :

Go for business case oriented blockchain scalable enterprise grade applications and start harnessing the benefits of blockchain. Our developer are proficient with Solidity, Truffle, Hyperledger and other prominent blockchain languages tools and platforms. Analyze functional and technical scoping for your product.

Source Code quality & ownership :

We ensure code quality and delegating identity and access management for our clients.

Deployment & Testing :

Deploy and test your tech capabilities and application in local environment first to apply learnings and live blockchain applications in real extended networks

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Blockchain's impact in terms of boosting productivity, optimise operations, launch new product lines are multiply revenues are immense. Get your company's assessment and alignment done for the adoption of blockchain-as-a-service.


Blockchain technology currently stands at millions of dollars investments without counting valuations of cryptocurrencies which run in billion dollars. Blockchain-as-a-service is poised to run in trillions of dollars in a decade.


Fintech, Banking, Supply chain management, Intellectual property rights, Smart Systems & Data Storage are few of the most prominent business verticals showing massive adoption of blockchain technology.


At NextBlockchain, we believe blockchain to be the next disruptive technology as validated by multiple big consulting houses. We are capable of providing umbrella blockchain consulting services ranging from research, technical, advisory, training to support based on your business requirements.

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