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We are crypto experts providing end-to-end ICO services right from token development to marketing till distribution. Fix your ICO strategy with our industry experience of working in strategic relationships with cryptocurrency entrepreneurs and investors.

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helps you launch a successful, secure and compliant Initial Coin Offering. No coding required

ICO Technology

Proprietary Smart Contracts:

creation / management of smart contracts, wallets for crowd sale and ustom User Interfaces for your blockchain platform

Architecture and development:

consultancy on full-fledged implementation package including full-service coding, compiling, penetration testing for web & mobile app and deploying for your blockchain platform

Security Audits:

auditing of the entire code required for your blockchain platform to ensure it resists our strict security protocols and the entire ecosystem is secure

Advisory Services:

corporate and investment advisory, technical white paper due diligence, technical guidance to prepare you for ICO and token positioning advisory to launch new token sales

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ICO Marketing

Crypto Community Management:

engagement with crypto and investor community and engage via thoughtful discussions to reach the target audience of token-buyers directly

Global Bounty Programs:

pre-ICO bounties like content creation, video creation, white paper translation, bitcointalk signatures and post-ICO bounties like bug reporting, community management and improvement in cryptocurrency framework

PR, Media Outreach and Itnfluencer marketing:

preparing search engine friendly content, distributing press releases and integrated digital marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing: (SEM, PPC, SMM)

paid advertisements on Google and Facebook to boost conversions as well as social promotions on Telegram, LinkedIn, Facebook to spread brand awareness

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ICO Legal

Selection of Jurisdiction:

analysis of ICO regulations based on jurisdictions, legal advice on the token structure to launch and grow initial coin offerings

Entity Incorporation:

navigation of the entire process of incorporation, funding and token distribution, opening bank accounts, drafting legal documents, and compliance protection

Creation of White papers and Review of legal documents:

preparation of clear, concise and technical white papers, translation of white papers, review of legal documents like privacy policy, smart contracts and token agreement

Tax Consulting & KYC / AML Consulting:

consultations on business, technology, tax and other legal aspects to ensure secure handling of KYC and protection against AML

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ICO Financing

Escrow Services:

thorough multi-currency and cross-border capabilities to virtually govern any financial asset across the globe

Wallet Creation & Management:

set-up of an Ethereum ERC20 and other compatible wallets that can be downloaded and installed to store tokens, reset password and operated with private keys

Investors Relationship Management:

personalized relations with the investors by contacting them directly, pitching them at a crypto event, organising personal meeting with them to get ICO ratings

Reporting & Auditing Support:

identification of security vulnerabilities and performance verification of smart contracts

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Post ICO services

Marketing and Product Positioning:

online & offline ICO marketing campaigns, enterprise partnerships, strategic mergers & acquisitions, token positioning advisory & over-the-counter liquidity services

Token Control:

distribution & treasury management, advise on raising funds, captive insurances, wallet management, updates on exchange, trading volumes & price variations

ICO Exchange Listings and Token Sales:

listing of your ICO on directories and known listing sites like Coinrating, ICO Bench, ICO drop and others

Token Demand Generation:

development of a lead generating website, content & education of crypocurrency wealth, build cryptocurrency community, whitelisting campaigns, expansion of ICO investor network through investor roadshows

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Timelines of projects vary from case-to-case based on your ICO readiness and marketing strategy, but the overall process usually takes 3-6 months.


Our terms include a 50% prepayment of the mutually agreed contract price. The balance 50% to be paid at the end of the project (only when you are 100% satisfied).


To determine whether an ICO is right for your business, we suggest you start with due diligence that will analyze your current business model and ICO readiness.

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